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Long Goners
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About Waterline

Hailing from Topsail Island, NC, Waterline is songwriting duo Chris Pappalardo (vocals/guitars) and Jim Ellis (vocals/keyboards). Their pop rock sound is upbeat yet relaxing, often compared to Jackson Browne, Jimmy Buffett and Train, with carefully-crafted heartfelt lyrics, memorable hooks and smooth harmonies.

Waterline is currently on tour throughout the Southeast, promoting its latest release, Long Goners.

Latest News

Waterline Appears in New Book About Topsail
An entire chapter is devoted to Waterline in the just released book, Topsail Island - Mayberry by the Sea, by Ray McAllister.

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Here on an Island

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This is a special pre-release version of one of Waterline's newest songs, and is sure to be on the duo's upcoming recording. Get it here first.